Brazilian Blow Dry - By Chloe
I had this treatment just before I went on holiday and my hair
looked amazing every day, it was unbelievable! I highly recommend
it to everyone who doesnt want to spend hours every week styling their hair or simply hasn't got the time.
Helen Priestman
I am so pleased I had the Brazilian Blow Dry! My hair was very unruly and took me almost an hour to blow dry and straighten it. If I went out in the rain or humidity it would just frizz back up again. Since the treatment my hair is now smooth, glossy and easy to manage.
I wish I'd known about it sooner.
Thank you Jane!
Kathleen Forte
I was skeptical about this treatment being able to tame my life long suffering with my curly unmanageable hair. However, the results are amazing, my hair takes half the time to style and even when exposed to fine rain it manages to retain its smoothness and straightness! I am a definite convert.
Thanks Jane.
Sandra Hemsley
The best money you will ever spend on your hair!
Josie Hall
I am in complete "awe" of this treatment. I have fought with unruly, dry, broken, frizzy hair my entire life. I have tried EVERYTHING! This is the first thing that I am so excited to say has worked and it is like MAGIC. To anyone that is skeptical, it is worth one try and you will see it is for real. Life will be so much easier without fighting so much with my hair. Jane is so friendly and professional, I will definitely be booking her again for my next and future treatments!
Christine Hinks
None of my family or friends could believe what a difference this treatment has made to my hair. The condition has improved dramatically and my hair is now lovely and soft to touch rather than thick and coarse. I use to spend hundreds of pounds on products to make my hair look straight and healthy, now I don't have to use any.
I think with the money I save on other products, I will definitely be investing in having a Brazilian Blow Dry once a month!
Jo Pimm
Hi Chloe,
Just quick note to say thank you sooo much for my Brazilian Blow Dry. My hair is now soft, smooth, straight and frizz free!! Today I got stuck out in the rain and my hair was fine, normally I would have looked like a mop for the remainder of the day!!! It was worth every penny, thanks again x
Stephanie Thomas
I had this treatment and it is awesome, worth every penny!!! It's been 2 months now and it's still as good as when it was first done!! I highly recommend anyone with thick frizzy hair to have this treatment, it has made washing my hair a pleasure and not the long arm aching chore it was, thanks Jane xxx
Stephanie Thomas
Thanks Stephanie, I'm really pleased you are happy with the treatment! Jane
I had my first treatment on Friday and Jane was very friendly and reassuring and the treatment was extremely relaxing and the time flew! I followed the instructions for the after care for the next few days and now can wash my hair... and wow, what a difference. My hair is shiny and swishy and amazingly soft. I cannot recommend this enough.
Thanks Jane, and I will be booking again when this has worn off
Kim Brown
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